Consulting & Training


We are a company focused on total solutions driven by a team of specialist consultants. Consulting is: “The Act of giving professional advice”. It also includes executing tasks and projects for you.

It is typical of an outsource model where you do not have to hire staff for the all skills and services that your business requires, you depend on a trusted partner to provide these when you need them.

Our Consultants are academically and industry certified and have developed experience across many industries. We provide a level of expertise that normally does not exist within your organisation.

Our team based approach means that you will get access to the right skills when you need them. A team leader and key consultant will work with you and your team to ensure continuity and services that fit the requirement.

We adopt a ‘Continuous Improvement’ approach to our skill sets, methods and technologies which keeps our consulting team innovative and effective.


We have a passion for people and technology. Our Training philosophy is based on the concept of empowerment and ownership. We set the objectives of skills transfer to your people as a high priority. This brings the sense of ownership into your team and ensures continuity and efficiency.

The adage that says “If you think Training is expensive, try ignorance!” – is at the heart of how we view training and on-going ‘upskilling’. Our objectives are to ensure the effectiveness of your solution which is an integration of your people, the processes and the technologies at the heart of your solution. Our trainers are specialists in their areas and will adapt the training programs to suit your needs.

Our training agenda is normally a made up of:

  • Classroom training – (getting to know how to use the application)
  • On the job training (user hand-holding during the live processing)
  • User proficiency reviews and re-training.


The true value of training is demonstrated in the real working environment. We make sure that our training is as close and relevant to your working environment as possible. The experience of our trainers, our flexibility and dialogue with our clients are important tools.

Our training facility in Century City allows for a classroom training experience removed from the users’ normal environment.

Training on your company premises usually follows this to consolidate and ensure user confidence in the live environment.

The objective: Sustainable solutions and empowerment of your people.