Solutions Methodology: Implementation

Solutions That Work!

At the heart of our business philosophy is a partnership culture. Our engagements with our clients are centred on the value we seek to add to our clients. We have a passion for making IT work for you.

Our experienced specialists in the fields of Business Analysis, System Design, Implementation and Training, will design and develop a solution with you and ensure that this is executed to the highest standards.

Our solutions are based on your people, processes and the technologies we help you choose.

We integrate these and craft ‘best of class’ solutions for you.

Project governance is at the heart of our methodology. A Project charter, Project structure and communication is the engine room of our solutions. We drive and steer the project process with you.

Our solutions strategy is made up of the following phases:

  • Discovery – Making the Business Case
  • Analysis of Requirements
  • Envision & Design
  • Prototype
  • Build
  • Train & Deploy
  • Review
  • Support and Improve

These are underpinned by Project Management and Skills Transfer.

Our solutions delivery teams have developed hard earned experience by implementing many solutions across many industries and have become experts at this. We engage a process of continuous improvement in order to remain efficient and effective in providing innovative solutions.

This developed knowledge and skills are brought to the solutions that we implement for you.