Providing total solutions means that we will support you and your people during your systems journey.

Support means that we will always be there for you.

We offer support for your Sage ERP, Sage CRM and technical services.

We have customised service management agreements that ensure we provide your company with the level of support required for your needs.

We engage with you around a service agreement but this does not define our relationship, it merely supports it. It is our mandate to perform services for you and your people according to a specification.

Our first line of support is our Help Desk. We use Sage CRM to track, monitor and trace all requests for service.

We see support as more than a response or reaction to a call for help. We see support more broadly than that.

Support means:

  • We are always looking out for improvements to the software you have
  • Advising you about the trends and new software solutions available to you
  • Advising you about the type and level of user assistance we are providing to you
  • Alerting you of any known bugs or issues with the current release of software
  • Hosting and facilitating customer events
  • Testing and reviewing new releases of existing software before offering these to you
  • Continuously reviewing and improving our support protocols to benefit you.


The Service desk will manage the client support process and will provide first level organisation and liaison services to the Client. The Service Desk will be responsible for the delivery of all support services and will provide two types of customer support during the following periods:

Standard Support period: 08h30 - 17h00

Emergency Support period: 17h00 – 08h30 (Only on pre-arrangement)

Principal Contact Position: Adinga Service Desk Support Team

Contact Tel number: +27 (21) 914 4471

E-mail address: